Saturday, August 04, 2012

‘Sandpiper’s’ Retreat

As a presence she hovers in the consciousness of my mind. She is ever there as a reminder of things past and as a spur to things future. The mind does not take age into account, but age calls the tune. Heroics and foolishness, pride and stupidity governed the rashness of youth. Wisdom equates with reality; no longer is the athlete fleet of foot, nor the fearless without fear.

Can I do it? I do not know. Unless I try I shall never know the truth. So it’s off to Poole. What adventures will be in store? By far, the most perilous part of my ‘voyaging’ will be on the road. Sixty miles an hour where possible, a snail’s pace where dictated, and vigilance at all times may see me through.

Aloneness, without loneliness, silence without inaction, discovery of self and place may be my reward and perhaps a deeper understanding of the Great I AM* by revelation through the quiet force of moving waters** and the scorching, burning sun. He sets His agenda and determines who wins the race. Olympic gold is nothing by comparison. Man’s achievements are insignificant by comparison with His greatness, His compassion and love. The Olympic flame is but a spark, hinting of things that could be: true friendship, joy, hope and glory. Life’s cauldron brings forth sweet and sour, good and bad, life and death, but for the truly wise it is a place where eternity can be found, because of God’s Son.

*Exodus 3:14

**Psalm 29:3, 4

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Paul Mullings said...

Bon Voyage Bill and looking forward to your reports from a lovely part of the UK