Sunday, August 19, 2012

Maritime Ipswich Festival

It is 1705 and I am at the Maritime Ipswich Festival. There is a truly festive atmosphere. Classic yachts are berthed together, many colourfully dressed overall. There have been activities for the youngsters, including rubber-flubber football, dinghy sailing races, men's sculling race, blindfold race, hunt the duck race etc.

My favourite yacht was the gaff ketch, 'White Moth', designed by Pain-Clark and built by R. F. Wykeham Martin in 1903 for himself. She is for sale, but you will have to part with £22,000 to own her. She is a real classic at 32' LOD x 7.5' x 5'; including bowsprit she's 45' LOA. If you want to know more about her, contact Graham and Anne Mason on 01795 662143.

At the other extreme I was attracted to 'Dirty Girty'. She's a small, exceptionally racy day-boat type cruiser for adventure sailing. Quite unique, I've never seen anything like her. If I was less than a third of my age I would want to see what she can do. I know for sure, she is extremely fast.

The evening's entertainment is closing with a Sea Dog's competition. 'Electron's' dog is about to be entered. 'Electron' is the East Coast smack that is owned by my host at the Festival.

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