Thursday, August 02, 2012

Engine Check for ‘Sandpiper’

The last time I used ‘Sandpiper’s’ outboard I noticed it did not run as sweetly as it had previously. I thought I would have it checked over by a professional mechanic, but then I remembered the words of the owner of ‘Ladybird’ who said he serviced his Honda 2.3, and by doing so he had saved a lot of money. There was nothing to it apparently. All you had to do was to drain the engine sump and refill it with SAE 10W-40 oil; drain the gear box and refill it with SAE 90 oil, and finally, fit a new plug – in my case for a Honda BF 2 four stroke engine, a BMR-4A plug.

However, there was one other thing I should look at, i.e., replace a non-standard screw set for draining the carburettor. Initially I couldn’t remove the plug because I did not have the correct spanner. Standard box spanners would not fit. A few enquiries led me to P.F.K.  Ling Ltd. based in Harleston, Norfolk. They supply almost anything for Honda outboard motors, and they were very helpful when I phoned them with my requests. Two days later I had the correct spanner, a new plug and a standard screw set for the carburettor, all delivered by post to my front door.

Half-an-hour’s work and the job was done. I am hopeful that the outboard will purr happily the next time it is pressed into service. If the plug furs up like the old one, I shall know that something more serious is wrong that I cannot sort out; in which case, I shall have to refer the problem to a professional mechanic. 


Marine Honda (P.F.K. Ling)

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