Friday, August 10, 2012

Pool Harbour, part 5

Last night I had the luxury of a hot shower at Poole Quay Boat Haven, and instead of eating aboard, I 'dined' at Fishy Fishy. When the jazz finished at ten, and most people had returned to their boats, the Boat Haven fell quiet.

First thing this morning there was no wind. I took a stroll by the Recreation Ground towards Parkstone. This pedestrian/cycle track is very popular with dog walkers. Half a mile from the Boat Haven there is a public slipway, but it is not suitable for 'Sandpiper' because the gradient is too shallow.

The wind picked up and I left the Boat Haven at 1100. It was almost bedlam with tripper boats, motor-yachts and sailing yachts all wanting the same small space by the Public Quay. I motored clear and made sail with the objective of sailing to South Deep and Goathorn Point.

The going was slow against wind and tide. 'Sandpiper' tacked to the SE over shallows seaward of Parkstone Yacht Club and Salterns Marina. From there to Brownsea Castle was choppy on account of many fast motor yachts, runabouts and a small freighter heading towards the harbour entrance.

The wind eased, and as I could only hold station adjacent to Brownsea Castle I started the engine. Fifteen minutes later 'Sandpiper' was snugly anchored in the Lee of Goathorn Point.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent doing sweet nothing, which was totally relaxing. I watched the comings and goings of numerous sailing yachts and motor yachts. There was a beautiful clinker double-ender with the name 'Albatros', but she was too far away to photograph with my iPhone. She looked similar to Arthur Ransome's gaff cutter he had built in Scandinavia, then sailed her to the Walton Blackwaters.

There's more motion here at Goathorn Point than at my previous anchorage, Cleavel Point, but I'm planning to stay overnight. There should be a wonderful sunset with Green Island silhouetted against a gorgeous backdrop.

PS I've added the sunset photo.


Steve Carey said...

You've been blessed with good weather and warmer day by day.

I guess that your OB Motor is now OK since fitting a new sparking plug?

Was the "HUGE" Compass a good choice after all?

I've just got an airbed from Halfords. I think you've used them before. How is your's working out on Sandpiper? Do you leave it inflated all the time? Do you use a hand pump. 12V electric pumps are available with a cigarette lighter plug and Molly is now equipped with two sockets. It'll only take tens of seconds and not use much out of the battery . . . . but won't work at all if the battery is flat! LOL. Not sure which to get.

My bit of light-grey carpet arrived this morning and is now on Molly's cabin floor. Seems to change colour with changing light. Sometimes contrasts with the blue hull lining, sometimes looks lilac in colour and clashes!

I hope you have a GREAT final day of your cruise and exploring!

Bursledon Blogger said...

Call me old fashioned but I miss being able to tie up alongside the wall at Poole Town Quay

William Serjeant said...

Steve, it,s force 6 and I'm nicely tucked up in the River Frome this afternoon. The sail was good this morning with 2 reefs in the main.

My mattress is an Insul-A-Mat by Griptec - excellent, had it for years - sel-inflates. I leave it on the bunk.


William Serjeant said...

Max, I think Poole Quay is better for larger boats than my WWP. Keeping her fended off was a bit tricky because of the large gaps between vertical wooden posts.

zooplah said...

Kia bela akvo.