Friday, August 17, 2012

Odd Jobs

Today I set aside time for doing a few jobs on the boat. The first thing I checked was ‘Sandpiper’s’ jib furling rod. For some reason I was convinced the rod was bent near the lower end, but when I checked it I found there was nothing wrong.

I tidied the wiring for the new solar panel by attaching it to the aft cabin bulkhead with self-adhesive clips. Instead of dangling from the exit slot at the aft end of the sliding hatch the wire is now neatly secured to the bulkhead.

When I originally fitted a hasp and staple for locking the cabin I attached them incorrectly, because when I was inside the cabin with the sliding hatch closed there was always a possibility that the hasp could fall over the staple causing me to become  trapped within the cabin. In an effort to stop this happening I would leave the lock on the staple to prevent the hasp from fully engaging with it. However, I was not convinced this would work; therefore I always resorted to taping the hasp to the sliding hatch.

Action was required to reverse the positions of the hasp and staple. This afternoon I got around to exchanging them. As a result I shall no longer be anxious when the hatch and washboards are fully closed.

Finally, I vacuum cleaned the interior of the boat, leaving ‘Sandpiper’ ready for her next adventure. When and where that will be I do not know, because I have not yet made up my mind.


Peter said...

Thanks for your adventures this summer Bill. I've not been able to manage much with the Heron.
As to future adventures.. Surely half the pleasure is in the planning?

William Serjeant said...


I enjoy the preparation when I try to imagine possible senarios and contingencies.