Sunday, August 26, 2012

Garden Flowers

A wonderful thing about a modern digital camera is that it can capture instant images in great detail. My Sony 7.2 Mega Pixels camera has an inbuilt flexibility when it comes to focus. Set it to ‘easy’ mode and there’s no need for adjusting the lens to obtain a sharp focus. Light settings are automatically sensed, and if a flash is required, the camera will do that too. Receptivity is so very fast the camera will instantly freeze images of moving objects, revealing detail of infinitesimal moments in sharp detail.

This afternoon, before preparing a barbecue in the garden for an evening meal, I had a look at many flowers and shrubs that are so tenderly cared for by my wife, and I was enthralled with their beauty – especially of individual blooms, each one sustained by its mother plant. Without roots, without stems, and without leaves, these plants would not exist. Without nutritious soil, without rainwater and without sunshine, they would have no life; neither would they propagate without the unwitting help of bees, insects and birds that pollinate them.  The four seasons play their part too by providing necessary conditions for the plants to flourish. Set these organisms in a desert, a rain forest, or on a mountain top, they would perish.

What a privilege it is to have the gift of sight to see such beauty, and what a blessing it is to be able to smell nature’s free fragrant aromas. This is a time for me to be thankful and to rest on the Creator’s bosom.*

*John 1:18, 13:23  

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