Thursday, August 09, 2012

Poole Harbour, part 4

Thursday, 9th August

Today has been the best so far. Not only was it sunny, but I had a good crew to enjoy the sailing.

The idea was to sail to Poole Quay for my crew. At first I thought I may not be able to be there for 1030, because fog enveloped the yacht, but it thinned sufficiently to make a start at 0830. There was no wind; therefore it was a case grinning and bearing the outboard.

An hour later I was taking a stroll along the quay where there was a square-rigger, a small ship with great character. My crew arrived on time, and within minutes we were pushing off for a sail towards Whareham. The southwesterly wind was just strong enough for steerageway, and the tide was making.

We made it as far as Gigger's Island; that's where the Whareham Channel becomes the River Frome, and the meandering river winds it's way like a snake to Whareham and beyond. The tide started to ebb and the wind faded. We motored back to Russell Quay where we anchored for lunch.

A sea breeze set in from the southeast, so we tacked through the moorings off the Dorset Yacht Club and the Poole Yacht Club. There we started the engine for entering Poole Quay Boat Haven.

Our day together had been perfect.


Steve Carey said...

Bet you're having a great time Bill. Holiday'd down there many times in the 60's/70's. Normally stayed in Parkstone. Never sailed there. Looks wonderful.

Have you used your Tiller Pilot at all? Anywhere, on your WWP?Guess it would be most useful sailing around the coastline.

My brother has just bought a Volkswagon Passat Diesel Estate and it has a towbar on it. Not got as far as deciding whether to trailer-sail or to put Molly on a marina for a few months but I may get my brother to pull the trailer rather than fitting a towbar this side of next spring.

Did all the wiring up of the lights, radio, deck sockets etc and back to the battery today. Hope to fit and wire in the solar panel tomorrow. Getting there.

William Serjeant said...

Friday is better still - strong sun and a cooling wind from the SE. I've used the Autohelm a fair bit, especially when making sail and taking it in. I'm sunbathing off Goathorn Point. There's a sandy beach nearby and the scenery is very pretty. I can see Brownsea Island, Green Island and Furzey Island. I have one more full day at Pool Harbour.