Friday, April 01, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 54


Hole through port keel weight

Besides doing several other things today, unrelated to boat building, I managed to tidy yesterday’s filleting and do the epoxy fillets on the trailing edge of the keel.

I also drilled the first hole for the port ballast retaining pin. The designer of the boat recommended that I should drill slowly and frequently add oil to the hole to prevent shreds of lead from binding on the edge of the hole. The addition of oil made all the difference from being a success to being a failure. There was no inclination for the laminations to part. To pinpoint the exact spot for drilling the hole, I held my plywood template onto the side of the weight. To make sure there would be a clean cut hole through the underneath side, I put the keel weight on a piece of hardboard, into which I allowed the bit to enter.

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