Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Building Sharpy Part 71

Testing size of hole

Gradually I’m building the interior fittings of the hull. The most recent piece is the mast support bracket. This is sited almost four inches astern of number one frame and it sits upon the keelson and the adjoining floor panel. The upper fore and aft pieces slot onto the foredeck support beam. When the deck is in place and an exterior collar is attached to it, the structure will be strong enough for supporting the mast and rig without stays.

My aim today was to get the inner pieces epoxied in place, and I was able to find enough time to do the job towards the end of the afternoon, but the temperature was not high enough for epoxying; therefore I switched on my mini hot air blow heater and covered the finished work with an old tarpaulin.

Upper section finished

There aren’t many things left for me to complete within the hull before I set about painting a primer in preparation for an undercoat and topcoat. I actually need to make brackets for four lifting handles; two knees either end of the keel box, one that strengthens the deck where it joins the front of the coaming and the other at the aft end of the keel box for additional support; I must fix plastic tubes for the steering lines and mainsheet, and supports for the seat. That’s it!

Tarpaulin to keep the heat in

When the painting has been done, I’ll set about making deck panels and fixing them. There is a snag. I do not have the metal parts! I really need the rudder fixtures so that they can be bolted through the transom, rather than simply being held to the boat by screws.

Incidentally, I still have no news of when the sail will be finished.

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