Saturday, April 16, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 63

Slot in the keelson

I had an enjoyable day building ‘Sharpy’. My skills were tested because I had to cut out a slot in the keelson to exactly fit the keel box. I first drilled a line of fine holes through the keelson; then I chiselled away at them until I cut a hole through the wood for the blade of the jigsaw. Using the saw I cut one side of the slot. Similarly, I cut the other side. Finally I chiselled out the ends of the slot, ensuring they were cut at right angles to the other sides.

Testing the keel before glueing parts together

As I had already prepared the fore and aft deck beams, I glued them and the keel box to their respective parts. I tensioned everything together with pieces of string and left the epoxy to set. Meanwhile I screwed two jam cleats for the steering lines to the yoke of the rudder stock and I tested the rudder. I found that I shall have to add pieces to the rudder were it rotates in the stock, to make it fit better, with a minimum of slack.

All glued together

I may find time tomorrow for a little more boat building – perhaps shaping the aft bottom panel.

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