Friday, April 22, 2011

A Robin on Good Friday

There is no connection between Robins and the crucifixion of Christ, but there is folklore that a Robin felt for Christ as He hung in agony on the cross, and to ease His pain he pulled a thorn from the Saviour’s brown; in so doing the bird’s breast was stained red with the blood of Jesus. From thereon Robins were for ever blessed. Off course, that’s a load of nonsense, but it can point one to the most significant act in history, the pivotal moment when God forgave the sins of the world through the atonement of His Son. (John 3:16)

I have a wonderful photo of a Robin for wallpaper on my laptop, and it’s a reminder to me of the sacrifice of Christ.

If you would like the same photo for wallpaper, then go to JT’s Photoblog;* scroll down until you find the Robin; then right click your mouse and choose, ’Set as Background’. Don’t forget to enlarge the photo to its maximum size before saving it as Background.

*JT’s Photoblog


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