Monday, April 04, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 56

Before spring clean

After spring clean

British Summer Time began on Sunday 27th March when we put our clocks forward one hour. That gave a distinct advantage for boatbuilding because there was an additional hour into the evening when I could see what’s what. I’ve certainly felt the benefit over the last week since moving the hands of the clock forward. Officially it’s summer time, but for me it’s been a day of spring cleaning in the garage. I can now see the boat, because rubbish that had accumulated during the winter has been sorted and ditched into respective bins: paper, card, and metal in the recycling bin; used vinyl gloves, old rags, resin-encased milk cartons in the non-recycling bin; wood shavings and small offcuts in the green waste bin.
I also found time for applying a second coat of resin to the wooden parts of the keel.

Tomorrow I’m not going to have a great deal of time for working on the boat and what to do next has yet to be decided. I cannot drill holes into the starboard keel weight because I cannot be sure what fixtures will be used to attach it to the keel. Ron Cannings has agreed to make the parts, and when he has done so, I can drill the holes with confidence. The rudder yoke and the keel box are the most likely candidates for my immediate attention. I shall need warm, dry weather for shaping and attaching the bottom of the boat. I shall not be able to fit the decks until all the internal parts have been made and fixed in place.

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