Friday, April 29, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 74

Ready for the epoxy

I am not an ardent royalist, but I couldn’t fail to notice there was a royal wedding* today, William and Kate at Westminster Abbey. They have now been given the title of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I wish them happiness, long life and children. I feel sure they will take their responsibilities seriously and do all they can to serve the citizens of their Queen’s realm.

However, having visitors with us for the day and enough curiosity to view the TV, especially the marriage service, these distractions from boatbuilding were sufficient to limit what I could do, which was to add a few small pieces of wood to the tops of frames that did not line up for supporting the deck. I deliberately mixed more epoxy than I would require, so that I could fillet compartments within the hull to make them airtight – that’s once the decks have been bonded to the side panels and frames.

Filleting base of transom

Keeping the forward and aft compartment sealed will provide adequate buoyancy in the event of capsize. I shall also make sure that the adjacent compartments will also be airtight, but I may add inspection hatches for access to them. Such hatches would allow me to stow small items such as a change of clothing, food, drink and emergency equipment, i.e., VHF set and flares.

*Royal Wedding

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