Monday, April 25, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 70

Washers on Foot Steering Bar

Before doing anything else I inserted stainless steel washers either side of the foot steering bar. These will ensure there is no undue wear from the inverted bolt around which the steering bar articulates. If I can’t find a locking nut, I’ll seal the one I have with epoxy to stop it undoing.

Shaping Mast Step

Mast Support Bracket


I then turned my attention to building the mast support bracket. The plywood forward and aft pieces are 4.25 inches wide at the bottom, and where they slot onto the deck beam they are 3.00 inches wide. I shaped blocks from wood and plywood at the base of the bracket to form a square socket. To ensure a snug fit, I took measurements from the base of the mast. Finally, I epoxied the whole lot together and clamped the lower section to form a tight bond.

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