Thursday, March 31, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 53

Three photos show how I have progressed with making the keel. The top photo illustrates the cable and tension block; the middle one shows the bottom of the keel inverted and how the cable is fixed to it with a screw, and the third one lets you see the epoxy fillet between the aluminium and the leading edge. If you examine the third photo very carefully, you’ll see that the cable has been epoxied into the groove at the lower end of the keel. It is also epoxied along the bottom. That means the keel should never part from the cable.

All I need to do to finish the keel is to make fillets on the aft edge, sand all the wooden parts and epoxy them, fair the lead weights, drill holes through them for the locating pins and holes for the locking pins; finally paint everything, except the aluminium pieces.

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