Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 51

Top groove

Aft piece added

I can see the end in sight for building the keel. Today I added the aft piece and cut the remainder of the groove - that’s over the top and under the bottom of the keel. The Bowden cable will be epoxied into the groove under the keel and up the leading edge for 10 inches. That will well and truly secure the cable so that the keel can be lifted or lowered without fear of losing it.

All that remains to be done to complete the keel will be to add a small amount of epoxy fairing to both of the wooden pieces where they meet the aluminium. This will streamline them and increase the strength of the bond joining them to the keel.

I shall have to finish fairing the lead weights and drill holes through them. I shall also have to have a Bowden cable with talurits at both ends made to the length required. Finally, the keel will be painted, apart from the aluminium which I shall polish with wax.

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