Monday, March 14, 2011

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 40

There was a flurry of activity today. Early this morning I rushed to the factory that was making the remainder of the metal parts for ‘Sharpy’, but I discovered it had gone bust! Consequently, I’ll have to find another metal fabricator who can do the job, or do it myself.

I then sped to Homebase where I found a length of hardwood for making capping pieces for the forward and aft edges of the keel. I managed to buy it for half price, because a section had wormworm in it, but the rest was excellent with a straight grain and no other blemishes.

Next I visited three suppliers of Code 3 lead flashing and paid £42.90 for 6 metres by 6 inches at the cheapest store.

Back at home I cut out the streamlined profile of the keel weight from a piece of paper, and used it to make a plywood template.

After I placed the template on the lead flashing I scored around the edges with a bradawl to mark the shape which I cut with a pair of scissors. I subsequently cut out 13 pieces of lead before I called it a day and downed tools. I shall need up to another 80 pieces for making the keel weights. The final number will be determined by the total weight of the lead pieces; the port weight must be 33 lbs, and the starboard one must be 40 lbs.


Brian said...

Hi, Bill. I will need 8kgs of lead soon, so would be interested in suppliers you found and who was cheapest. My local B&Q has stopped stocking lead roll.

Brian (keyhavenpotterer)

William Serjeant said...

Hi Brian,

By the time I finish 'Sharpy's' keel I shall have approximately 8 kilos of scrap cuttings left over. The price of scrap lead just now is about £1.00 a kilo. You could have my scrap for free, but the carriage costs would be greater than your savings! I bought my lead flashing at Undercover Roofing Supplies Ltd., Southend-on-Sea, SS2 5QW - at £3.30 a kilo! That's not the cheapest way to get hold of it for casting.

What are you building?

Brian said...

Hi Bill, thanks for the offer of your scrap lead. Will have to formulate a plan!!!

I have fallen for SCAMP. Just became a grand-dad and cannot think of a nicer little safe dinghy to introduce her to sailing. It's also a nice exploration of my search for the perfect 12' lug rig dinghy.

I am having a cnc kit cut to amke it possible even for someone with my lack of build confidence to have a go.

She has been doing fantastically well in the Everglades Challenge until she ran aground in the very shallow water near the finish. There has been a 50% drop out including a Wayfarer on the first day of what's been a very tough event.

William Serjeant said...

OK Brian. As I say, you are more than welcome to the lead. It's a matter of how you can get it without spending more than it's worth.

SCAMP does look a very attractive boat. The CNC kit sounds like a good idea, because it will eliminate quite a bit of hard work and be accurate.

By the way, congratulations on becoming a grandad.