Friday, March 25, 2011

Building 'Sharpy' Part 48

The starboard weight is thicker than the port one

Final clamping of both weights

By working most of the day at laminating the remainder of the keel pieces, I completed both weights. The starboard one weighs 36 lbs and the port one weighs 32 lbs. Both marginally weigh less than shown on the plans, but by the time I have faired and shaped them with an application of suitable filler, they will weigh very nearly what they should.

I shall have to research what filler will be best. Perhaps it should be slightly flexible and certainly adhesive to lead. If the keel comes into contact with the ground when sailing, inevitably it will be subjected to abrasion; therefore whatever I choose for fairing the weights, it must be durable and semi-protective. I may consider encapsulating the weights in GRP, but that may not be practicable because of the sharp edges. I would also have the problem of completely sealing the edges of the holes through which the retaining pins pass. The best solution would be to encase them with stainless steel, but how that could be done without melting the lead when welding the steel, I do not know.

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