Monday, October 26, 2009

Mini Transat 6.50 Race

Ruyant's Boat
Dalin's Boat

I did an earlier feature on the ‘La Charente-Maritime to Bahia’ Race for the 6.50 Class Mini yachts. At the time of uploading this post, only 7 of the Prototype racing yachts and 13 of the Series yachts have yet to finish. For full details visit:

First home in the Series Class was Charlie Dalin, and first in the Prototype Class was Thomas Ruyant.

Unfortunately Andrew Wood from the UK, in a Prototype boat, had to retire from the second leg of the Race because of trouble with his boat’s auto-steering system, but I recommend you visit his web site at: There’s a particularly good video of his at: showing what is was like for him on the first leg.

Here is Charlie Dalin’s web site: and here’s Thomas Ruyant’s web site: .


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