Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mind Drifter

Herring Drifter

My pseudonym for this Blog is ‘Mind Drifter’, and by the evidence of my past ramblings, the title is most appropriate. When I was young I would have likened myself to a ‘Dynamo’ because I had so much energy I could live three days in one. With boundless reserves and abundant enthusiasm I felt I could accomplish almost anything. As age and the ravages of time have taken their toll, I find my reserves waning; my mind is gaining ascendancy over my body. Physical effort requires more energy than mental effort, and yet demands are made upon my body that have to be met. I cannot live in my mind alone; neither can I exist solely in my body. Each depends upon the other. Both my mind and body crave for simplicity – a life without complications and not too many demands; however, the world will not relent. The maze of life expands as paths are added daily with their twists and turns, offshoots left and right, each requiring choices, and those chosen unfailingly extract energy; others become quagmires, and more than a few are barren sun-crazed, clay cul-de-sacs. All unfruitful passages require the Maze Wanderer to retrace his steps until new options can be chosen. He who perseveres* along the Way+ may find the Centre where he can lay down his weary head. (Matthew 11:28)

*Revelation 2:10 + John 14:6

Herring Drifter ‘Reaper FR 958’ - http://www.scotfishmuseum.org/reaper/

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