Friday, April 04, 2014

'Minnow's' Trial Sail

I left Burnham Yacht Marina under power at 13.35. Shortly after, I made full sail and ran up river towards Cliff Reach. There I brought 'Minnow' around on the wind, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that she held her own against wind and tide.
For the next hour and a half I tried her on all points of sail. The wind was Force 1 from the NE, which was rather too gentle for a real test.
High water was scheduled for 15.51; therefore I took in sail and motored towards the River Roach, to be there for anchoring as soon as possible after high water.
At 16.45 I set the bower just outside the mud flats on the east bank. I do not have a depth sounder; therefore finding the right spot, near, but not on the steeply sloping mud was guesswork. My lead and line was too light for the fast flowing current.
The time is 18.30, and I've had evening dinner. I'm hoping for a calm night.


Jim Schofield said...

Hi Bill,

Great work & well done.


Patrick Hay said...

Well done. She looks very tidy and well thought out.