Wednesday, April 30, 2014

‘Minnow’s’ New Anchor Again

Feeling a lot more positive, I bought 4 metres of galvanized chain and 3 shackles for the new plough anchor. I already had a nylon eye for doing the splice where the chain is attached to the anchor. The nylon eye is essential to stop the rope from chafing. I purposely didn’t wire the shackles, so that I could undo them without too much effort. If they are tightened well, they are unlikely to come undone.

 Altogether I’m pleased with the new anchor and chain. That combination with the old nylon warp should be hard to beat.

At this rate, I’ll not rule out launching ‘Minnow’ again.

There’s definitely life in the boat, and maybe there’s life in the old sea dog yet!


Eye Splice


Bursledon Blogger said...

Sounds like good therapy Bill, boats are as much fun to work on as they are to sail, fingers crossed for an outing soon even if it's modest

Patrick Hay said...

What a relief! I was beginning to think the only way to get you back in a boat would be to pay a gang of kidnappers to hijack you and cast you adrift in Minnow 10 miles offshore - with or without a new anchor.

Hurry up and get back on board, or I'm calling a gang near you.

Unknown said...

Thats very heartening news Bill. That anchor is far too big to swallow, the only place for it is on an uncluttered sea bed somewhere, holding Minnow where you want her.
Please fit a tripping line this time?

Steve Carey said...

Hi Bill,

On one of my third boat, a Newbridge Navigator, when I had a young family, it was 2 years before my anchor get wet! I never went out? NO . . . .

I kept her on Tollesbury Marina. All the places we visited were marinas or had pontoon berths etc!

I hope your Anchor will be getting wet soon.

Best wishes.

PS: I have sailed PUFFIN (Final 22" RC Model) She sails well but on the day (Monday 28th April) there was next to no wind

Paul Mullings said...

I put cable ties through my shackle pins. They can easily be cut if you wish to undo them