Sunday, October 20, 2013

Richard Guziewicz’s 50/50

Richard Guziewicz, who lives in southwest France, recently sent me photos of a Paul Fisher 50/50 he built - I should say ‘crafted’, rather than built, for what he has done is a work of art. You need only examine the photos to have an inkling of the exquisite craftsmanship. The photos make me feel I would like to caress ‘Brina’, for that is the name he has given her. I would like to run my finger over her highly varnished deck. Furthermore I would like to sit in this beautiful craft, hoist her sail and take her for a spin.

I’m flabbergasted by what Richard has done. I thought my ‘Caleb’ was well built, but when seen beside ‘Brina’, she looks plain and almost featureless.

What excites me is that Richard will be building a Paradox. I’m convinced she will be a joy to behold and to own.

Thank you Richard for sharing your photos, and thank you for giving permission to publish them.



‘Caleb’ 50/50 Canoe

Photos of ‘Caleb’ Part 1

Photos of ‘Caleb’ Part 2

50/50 Sailing Canoe

The Name, ‘Brina’

Brina, the Jamaican Reggae Singer


Axel said...

Dear Bill

thanks for publishing these photos. I am sailing a Bufflehead canoe, and I enjoyed them very much - beautiful.
There is a sailing canoe kit development on my agenda, and your Caleb links were a big help. Hope to have the prototype on the water by EO this year:

Kind regards, Axel

William Serjeant said...

Thanks Axel,

I'll look forward to seeing photos of the new kit canoe.


Axel said...

Hi Bill
the prototype has been on the water for the first time. Exciting paddling. Whereas the 50-50 is somewhat wide and deep for a good paddling position, this one just fits. About 31" width, which translates to faster paddling.
Aiming at 22 kg cartop weight. Will add rudder, leeboard, mast fittings and test different rig options next. Hope I have designed enough form stability and reserve buoyancy for sailing.
Kind regards, Axel