Tuesday, October 01, 2013

‘Minnow’s’ New Trailer

Thanks to Pete who has the Paradox ‘Johanna’, I now have a De Graaff road trailer for ‘Minnow’ similar to his. Pete kindly provided me with the information I needed for having mine fitted with flat rubber rollers. Dan at De Graaff modified a SB 730/2 ADJ. An identical trailer to Pete’s is no longer manufactured.

 Flat rollers are ideal because they spread the load. Dan also installed guide arms to help keep the boat straight on the trailer when being retrieved from the water. This is very helpful, especially if there is a side wind or current.

The trailer and boat fit in my garage, but there will be little room to spare when the rudder has been shipped. If I skew the trailer diagonally, there should be enough space. The balance on the trailer fore and aft is not quite right, and it won’t be until I reinstall the forward ballast and the battery. I may have to tweak the axel a few inches astern, but by doing so I must not overload ball hitch.


Pete’s Blog – My Paradox ‘Johanna’

‘Johanna’ at Flickr

De Graaff Trailers

Here’s the trailer I have, except mine has been modified with flat rubber rollers.

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