Wednesday, October 02, 2013

More Painting of ‘Minnow’


‘Minnow’ is not the Forth Road Bridge, but to bring her up to scratch she demands a fair amount of paint. Most surfaces require at least three coats, an undercoat and two uppers. Today I painted bulkhead number three; that’s the one under the front window, and I painted the shelving and bin sides that run fore and aft either side of the cabin.

Before reinstalling the shelves and bin sides, I shall remove the rusty hinges on the floor locker lids and replace them with new ones. I shall also treat the cabin floor with Ronseal Satin Yacht Varnish to improve its appearance and to make the floor non-slip.


The Forth Road Bridge

Forth Bridge Painting ‘is coming to an end’

Ronseal Yacht Varnish (Satin) ( I can get it cheaper at my local store.)

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