Tuesday, October 15, 2013

‘Minnow’ is Coming Together

Gradually ‘Minnow’ is being reassembled. Today I spray-painted foam panels that insulate the sides of the cabin. They were green, but after being sprayed with white PlastiKote Matt Super paint they became light grey. This fits well with magnolia, which is the main colour of the woodwork.

I reinstalled the bin sides and the shelving. The way in which they were made was not exactly to Matt’s building plan, but I think they might work well. Because there are no shelves above the aft bins, larger items may be stowed within them. I think it will be a case of trying them to discover if they may require modifying.


Steve Carey said...

We keep saying it . . . BUT it DOES look really NICE! Wish I had something to work on.


William Serjeant said...

Thanks Steve.

She is considerably better than when I acquired her, but I think photos tend to make her look better finished than she actually is.

I'm sure she will suit me very well, and as I work on her I feel more of an affinity with her.

Maybe, we'll stick together longer than some of my previous mistresses.

You'll have to look around for a mistress too. The West Wight Potter was great. Shame you had to sell her.