Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Orange Spars for ‘Minnow’

I was able to paint the spars today.


Steve Carey said...

It's looking really nice. You've been so lucky with the weather and as you complete most major items on the list, it's about to turn colder, wetter, windier ! Anyway, well done Will you be taking Minnow outside for photos?


William Serjeant said...

Yes, Steve, I want to take 'Minnow' outside for photographing her.

I need time and a fair day for sorting out exactly where she should sit on her trailer.

I've come the point where I'm assembling things I took apart. I'll be installing the windows and fitting the rudder. I must add an outboard bracket and sort out a pin for the yuloh.

There's still a fair amouunt to be done inside the boat. Putting in a battery and doing the requisit wiring will be another job.

I would also consider equipping her with an echo sounder.

'Minnow' does not have a stove; therefore I'll have to acquire one and devise gimbals for it.

I'm hoping she'll be ready for sailing in the spring of next year.