Saturday, October 19, 2013

More Painting of 'Minnow'


After (Masking tape to be removed)



When will the painting end? I can’t be far away from completing it, but there could be more to do on the interior. Today I painted the cabin top insulating foam for a second time. The magnolia paint brightens the cabin, and at night it will reflect light from the cabin lamp. I may not paint it again, but whatever I decide, I shall have to carefully remove the masking tape.

I also painted under the support frame for the solar panel. This will help seal and preserve the panel, but the poor finish I inherited leaves much to be desired. I may be able to improve it by sanding the surface before applying another coat of paint. To see the uneven finish, one has to get up close; therefore I’m not too bothered. The primary function of the paint is to seal the wood.

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