Sunday, October 06, 2013

‘Minnow’s’ Sail Repairs

Jeckells returned ‘Minnow’s’ sail after removing a badly worn piece of leather at the head, and re-stitching the edges of the opening through which the halyard passes when being attached to the yard. The sailmaker also added sacrificial layers of cloth at the tack where the sail comes into contact with the mast. Perhaps because of wear over a period of two or three seasons, more layers may have to replace the most recent ones.

I shall have to paint the mast and spars, and afterwards try the sail to see how it hangs. I do not want it to have vertical ripples on account of the opening for the halyard.


Continuing with ‘Minnow’ (Photos of worn sail)

Jeckells, The Sailmakers

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Unknown said...

Hello Bill, it looks as though a little bird told Jeckells about unnessesary procrastination, or else they're following this blog as avidly as a few of us are!