Friday, October 18, 2013

‘Minnow’ Again

Spot the difference.

I haven’t seen ‘Minnow’ today. She’s tucked away in the garage waiting for attention.

Some days it has been possible for me to spend several hours working on her; other days I’ve been fortunate if I’ve had more than an hour for attending to her remedial needs.

More recent articles featured here have centred on the renovation of ‘Minnow’, a Matt Layden Paradox sailboat; therefore you could be forgiven for thinking that most of my energy, thoughts and actions have been devoted to this needy creature. That is not a reflection of the truth. To keep the momentum going I have had to make positive efforts when I would far rather have rested or done something more worthy than wasting my time on bits of plywood held together with epoxy resin.

The fact is that working on the boat is not a waste of time. This is a subjective judgement, and in my case I know how good and profitable it is for me to be engaged in such a project. In between doing other things, the activity engages my mind, and exercises my body - You try crawling into the forecastle of a Paradox sailboat; turn on your back and try fixing electrical wiring to a battery or screw in place a block for a steering line, and you’ll agree that muscles not normally used to any extent are taxed to the point where rest is required because of pain or fatigue. Maybe you are younger than me, and perhaps such things are easy for you.

But whatever the case, you know that eventually, all the effort will be worthwhile, because you will find joy and excitement sailing her in her new found state of seaworthiness. You imagine the adventures you may have, and of challenging encounters with Mother Nature. In your dreams you will see Nature’s beauty, taste and feel her riches; you will see your boat come to life when she bobs over the waves. Sun’s reflections will dazzle your eyes; rain’s droplets will moisten your brow until you’ve had enough and close the hatch. The boat sails on; only the soft hiss of wavelets can be heard as they run the chines and are transformed into channels of bubbles trailing astern.

Then there’s the next horizon, the next headland and beyond.

Who said it’s a waste of time!!



Steve Carey said...

"Spot the difference"

I hope there is not more than one difference in the pictures. Never was that good at finding the "Missing mouses tail or the chair that has a leg missing in the second picture! I see a new Cam Cleat. So how long is your list of things to do Bill?

What you're doing it great for mind and body. I know so many retired folk who have no hobbies or interests who will probably go down with a bang!

Will you be doing your south coast run to Falmouth or on the scilly next year?

PS: Really enjoy reading your blog

William Serjeant said...

Yes Steve,

A spring on the old cleat for the topping lift had failed; therefore I replaced the cleat.

Sailing to Falmouth from Burnham-on-Crouch is a challenge that I may undertake once again. Much will depend on how the boat performs and how I feel.

On 11th May the Jester Challenge yachts set out from Plymouth for Newport, and I would very much like to watch the start.


Mark The Skint Sailor said...

I'm restoring a Seawych and I feel really guilty when I don't spend a weekend doing stuff on her. But then again I have the difficulty of doing things on a budget and there are weeks when the wages don't stretch to covering the work, or when the tide doesn't allow me to get on board during daylight.
Its slow progress but ultimately worth it. My goal is to have it ready to sail in April next year, which hopefully gives me enough time.

I'm amazed at the transformation you've worked on Minnow in such a short time. Puts me to shame and I'm 30 years younger!