Wednesday, October 23, 2013

‘Minnow’s’ Hatch is finished

I put the finishing touches to ‘Minnow’s’ hatchway by adding wooden trim pieces either side of the hatch gate. They very much improve the appearance of the boat and help keep water out of the cabin.

I am about to start making a gimbal or gimbals for a Flow-Gas ‘Magic’ stove. I bought mine at a Camping and General sale for a bargain price of £5. The stove is fuelled by butane gas dispensed from 190 gram cartridges supplied by Euro Camping or Gamping Gaz.


Eurocamping ‘Magic’ Stove

Camping Gaz

Camping Gaz Twister at Ebay


Steve Carey said...

Minnow is looking really cosy. Neat looking stove. What compass are you going to use. Let my Bosun Compass go with Molly when I sold her. Guess you sold yours with your Potter as well? One like that would look HUGE on my 10 foot boat. Perhaps a top of the range Silva camping/trecking compass will do?

Unknown said...


Minnow is looking simply AMAZING! I never would have thought , looking a the pictures of her when you got her, she would look so good so fast! Incredible work man!!! Bravo to you!!!!! :-)

Paradox "Scout"

Unknown said...

Hello Bill, the two previous posters beat me to it rather, and I can only echo what they say.
A superb effort.

William Serjeant said...


I'm not sure which compass to use.

I have the old Bosun and I've inherited a compass with the boat, but I don't like the way it was mounted.


William Serjeant said...


Many thanks for your encouraging comment.

I love what you are doing with 'Scout'.

I'm pleased you had a great time doing the Bosunator Challenge.


William Serjeant said...

Thanks Richard,

There's a lot more left to do, but I'm getting there.

Hopefully, she'll be ready for sailing by March of next year.