Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Few Small Jobs on ‘Minnow’


A very cold strong wind made it uninviting for working on the boat, but it so happened that I did not have a lot of time for doing much - as it was, my hands felt the impact of the low temperature when painting the underside of ‘Minnow’s’ hatch. Raynaud ’s phenomenon, with which I suffer, rendered my fingers white.

Inside the boat it was a different story. There I fastened the floor locker lids by means of their new hinges. Screwing them in place required a fair amount of effort, which almost caused me to perspire! I also replaced the jam cleat bracket for the running rigging.

Altogether, I spent around an hour-and-a- half in the garage, and that was enough.

Every little effort counts. Bit by bit is the way to go, especially as the nights draw in. Winter will soon be here, and there will be days when I shall not work on the boat, but I’m hoping she will be ready for sailing by the beginning of spring next year.


Raynaud’s Phenomenon


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, you're making an absolutely phenomenal job of 'Minnow'. I see you haven't got round to removing the dreaded polystyrene as yet, or maybe you've decided to retain it. It ocurred to me the other day, that back in the late sixties/seventies there was a mania for foam sandwich boatbuilding. I forget the foam most favoured, but the drawback was that it was very expensive compared to polystyrene. The drawback to using polystyrene was that the polyester resin dissolved it. I do remember that someone successfully got round that problem by applying several coats of good quality emulsion paint. This had to be well done so as to absolutely prevent contact between the polyester and the polystyrene. You coud do the same with your polystyrene in order to give you more time to act in the event, God forbid, of a fire occurring aboard 'Minnow', at any rate buying you precious seconds?

William Serjeant said...

Richard, Thanks for the tip regarding sealing the polystyrene with emulsion.

I haven't got around to testing how flammable the polystyrene is in 'Minnow'. Consequently I have not made a decision regarding extracting it.

There are a number of pros and cons that I need to consider before I start ripping it out.