Monday, October 14, 2013

‘Minnow’s’ Windows and More Aliens


The aliens of yesterday have found a pirate ship, rich with stolen treasure, and they are no longer interested in the impoverished ‘Minnow’. So it was with relief this morning, that I set to installing the remaining windows, but as I applied the silicone I felt the presence of another bunch of alien invaders. I instinctively knew they were allied to the aliens who control the Quatermass machine that was thought to have been destroyed. Unlike the Quatermass aliens, who have a craving for human protein, this lot consume squidgy, slimy, silicone sealant. If they do not get it, they die, and to my good fortune they did not strike, because by the time they had assembled and mustered their forces, the silicone sealant was bone-dry. Since the silicone seekers’ brains are smaller than peas in a pod, they did not succeed.

I am hoping no more aliens will be drawn to the mysterious, pock-scarred ‘Minnow’. I just want them to leave me alone to carry out reconstructive, life-giving surgery. When it is all done we shall have a glorious life together, a waif with her saviour.



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