Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Viewing ‘Sandpiper’ Prior to Bidding at Ebay

Today is Tuesday, 13th August, 2013. Two interested parties have booked to see ‘Sandpiper’ prior to bidding at Ebay. I set her up on the driveway to my house with the mast raised and the sails bent as if she were ready for a sail.

What struck me was how well she had fared since being built in 1972. Those were the days when heavy fibreglass lay-up was the norm. Builders at the time were unaware of how durable and strong GRP was, and they played safe by adding more laminates than were required.

The other noticeable feature was how clean she looked. Apart from staining in the cockpit, gelcoat on the exterior of the cabin top and the coamings was remarkably clean and in tact. Yes, there was some crazing where you might expect to find it, but nothing serious that would allow ingress of water into the laminates.

She’s a sturdy, practical, little trailer sailer that will provide good service for years to come. The sails have seen the best of their days, but they set rather well and draw the boat along nicely. I’ve had over 4 knots from her when on the wind in the right conditions, such as when sailing from Ramsgate to Dover in the early stage of my summer cruise to the West Country.

She represents excellent value for money. Anyone who gets her will have a bargain.

There’s another day-and-a-half for viewing before the auction closes. To see her, please arrange a time by phoning me at 07588288060. Thank you.

The Ebay.co.uk auction number is 161082579480. Key the number into the Search Box.


Tudor N. said...

Thank you for the reply.
It seems I can not write questions in the ebay posting (altough I am signed in).
Please drop me an email at flogger*underscore*283*at*yahoo*dot*co*dot*uk, so I can reply with my questions.
The subject is your lovely little boat that is under sale, as I am interested in it (I have not placed a bid yet).
I thank you in advance.


William Serjeant said...

Tudor N.

If you have a positive feedback score at Ebay and a PayPal account I'll gladly contact you by email, but it would be easier for you to phone me at 07588288060. I would then be able to phone you back.


Tudor N. said...

Mr William,

Fair enough, though, I have never bought anything on ebay, so no rating there... either positive or negative. Same with PayPal.
I opened an account there just for this purpose, but was unable to send questions.
That is why I was asking for an email. In any case, as there are still two days left, I will phone you on the number posted (tomorow afternoon or evening).