Friday, August 02, 2013

Sale of My West Wight Potter – Part 2

I have for sale a ‘C’ Type West Wight Potter. She is 14’ LOA and fits into my garage on her trailer. She is advertised at Details can be found by keying the following number into the Search Box: 161065836009. Since placing the advertisement, I have decided she can go with her trailer to anyone who makes an acceptable offer in the region of £1,400. That’s an absolute bargain, without a doubt!

I am expecting delivery of a new (second-hand) boat on 19th August; therefore I am looking for a quick sale.

Since I bought her I have galvanized her centreplate, fitted new stainless steel shrouds and forestay, added a stainless steel outboard bracket, replaced the running rigging, added a topping lift, re-fitted the rudder, varnished all the woodwork and painted her topsides.

She was well-proven during my 66 day adventure along the South Coast. Everything worked, and I can vouch that she never let a drop of water into the interior.

I’ll let her go without her trailer for considerably less than £1,400*, and I would be willing to deliver her free of charge within a 100 mile radius of Hockley, Essex, UK.

Her road trailer was made by Speedline Trailers of Brightlingsea, and its capacity is 400 kilos, ie., it can carry a boat that weighs 400 kilos. The official brochure towing weight of ‘Sandpiper’ is 290 kilos, which gives room for 110 kilos of additional gear.

The original external gelcoat of the superstructure remains in reasonable condition, although there are stains in the cockpit. Tread areas on the foredeck, cockpit seats and cockpit floor have been painted.

*Try me on offers without her trailer. (See Contact below.)

Gear included in the sale.

Solar charger

3 socket gizmo for charging things like GPSs, mobile phones etc

12v Battery – almost new

Camping Stove – single burner with fiddle, fitted to removable platform

Washing up bowl

Anchor, Chain and Warp

Outboard Bracket – adjustable with strop

The Road Trailer

This galvanized trailer is in very good condition. The wheel bearing are less than a year old. Tyre treads are excellent. Jockey Wheel Unit and Winch are in very good working order. The rollers roll.


My mobile number is 07588288060. Give me a buzz, and if I’m at home, I’ll call back to any UK mainline phone. Alternatively you could contact me by using the Blogspot email facility – just click the envelope symbol.

P.S. At the time of writing this, 42 people are watching the Ebay Advert and there have been 641 hits.


Sale of My West Wight Potter

Speedline Trailers


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Crikey Bill, that is very definitely a bargain... good luck... looking forward to news on the new boat...

William Serjeant said...


I need space for the next project. (See article for Saturday, 3rd August)


Unknown said...

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