Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Paradox ‘Enuf’, now ‘Minnow’ – Part 2

Here are three more photos of ‘Minnow’. She certainly has character - just like other Paradoxes, but each of them vary in detail and in finish. From photos on the Internet I remember Glen Maxwell’s ‘Zoe’. For sure, she was beautifully finished. I was saddened to hear she had been destroyed by fire when being shipped by road to her new owner. Both Glen and her new owner must have been devastated.

I’m looking forward to working on ‘Minnow’.

This will be the first time I have acquired a boat without physically checking her out beforehand. Therefore I’m hoping that what will require doing to make her shipshape will not be too serious. I know she leaks, and that will be my priority to put right. Will I have her ready for launching before the season closes? I suspect not, because I shall want to make sure everything is to my satisfaction, and by the looks of it, I shall have to obtain a decent trailer. She doesn’t come with one, and those who have enquired about ‘Sandpiper’ have expressed an interest in her trailer too.

It is essential that ‘Minnow’s’ trailer will be more than adequate for transporting her safely by the road, and be designed to make launching and retrieving as hassle free as possible. Ideally, the wheel hubs should not be submerged, but if I have Bearing Buddies fitted, there shouldn't be a problem of water ingress into the bearings.

As each day passes, I become more excited at the prospect of having my own Paradox once again.


Bearing Buddies


Unknown said...

Thrilled that you will once again be sailing a Paradox. Your blog played a big part in the decision I made to purchase almost completed one built by another sailor who decided to move on to other things. I hope to have "Scout" sailing with the next two months and will be creating a website for her. I look forward to hearing of your adventures and modifications to Minnow!

Sean Mulligan

William Serjeant said...

Well, thanks Sean.

I hope you will derive great satisfaction from finishing and sailing 'Scout'.

Please let me have the website address when you have set it up.