Monday, August 12, 2013

Bill of Sale for ‘Sandpiper’


I’ve sold enough boats to know something about drafting a Bill of Sale for a boat. A simple one for a trailer sailer such as ‘Sandpiper’ can be downloaded free of charge from the RYA website. (See first link below.)

A more comprehensive one can be found by clicking the second link.

I quite like one that I have used for several of my boats. It includes warranties from the seller that he will indemnify the buyer. The seller also guarantees that the boat is sold free of liens, encumbrances and liabilities. The seller warrants that he will defend the buyer from adverse claims should they arise.

A Bill of Sale is a useful document that goes a long way to proving ownership of a vessel. It is a legal document if drafted correctly, and it has witnessed signatures of the Seller and the Buyer. If a Bill of Sale is produced and signed each time a vessel is sold, the line of ownership can be traced to the original owner(s). Thereby the history and pedigree of a vessel can be established, and perhaps where she was built and by whom.

I am preparing ‘Sandpiper’s Bill of Sale for when her new owner collects her from my home.


RYA Bill of Sale for a Boat

Free Bill of Sale for a Boat

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