Monday, August 19, 2013

Great Expectations

The Dickens novel, Great Expectations is full of twists and turns, disappointments, doubts and the unexpected, but finally all ends well. Pip, the central character, is reunited with Estella, and he sees no end to their relationship.

The unexpected happened to me today, for ‘Minnow’ did not arrive, but there was no certainty that she would. A reply to a text message informed me that her ETA would be on Wednesday afternoon of this week. Well, that’s not long to wait, since I’ve been patient for weeks, knowing that the boat could not be moved from Norway in less than three or four days, and I would have to wait until she could be delivered.

Meanwhile, I’ve been attending to the garden, and my son-in-law has been doing most of the graft. He prepared and laid a path beside the driveway, and he undertook other tasks such as levelling ground at the bottom of the garden and laying turf to replace bare patches in the back lawn. My daughter painted the pergola. I simply mowed the lawns and watched them work.

This is a great time of year for barbecues, and on Sunday afternoon we had a sumptuous feast grilled by the Master Chef – my wonderful son-in-law.

For more than a month our house has been filled with summer visitors. Today, one lot went and another arrived. Visitors often do the unexpected, so life is by no means dull.

What will tomorrow bring?


Unknown said...

Hang in there Bill! I'm nearly as excited to see minnow arrive as you are! Harding into the garage to work on Scout right now. :-)


William Serjeant said...

You've got it right Sean. The garage is under control. There's no need to rush; you can take your time and enjoy playing with Scout.