Thursday, August 08, 2013

‘Sandpiper’ at Ebay Auction

The deed has been done. I urgently require space for my new (second-hand) boat; therefore I have placed my ‘C’ Type West Wight Potter and her road trailer for auction. There is no reserve, and the current bid at the time of writing is £5.50!!!!

To find the auction, key the following number into the search box: 161082579480.

You really could have an exceptional bargain, but if you bid, do it sincerely with the intention of honouring your pledge. Payment within 24 hours will be required through the PayPal/Ebay system, and I shall want you to remove the boat and her trailer from my premises at Hockley, Essex, no later than 16.00, Sunday, 18th August.

I recommend that you see the boat and trailer before bidding, and you can arrange a date and time for viewing by phoning me at 07588288060, or by using the Ebay communications system.

If you know of any friends or relatives whom you think would want her, please let them have these details.

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