Friday, February 01, 2013

High Heel Shoes


I was sitting in the ladies shoe section of Next while waiting for my wife as she examined items of clothing elsewhere. I took out my mobile phone and opened the Kindle app to read an entertaining book for warding off my boredom. As I sat there I could not ignore conversations of people who passed a nearby display of high heel shoes. Without a doubt they where enthralled by them. One young lady chose a very high heeled shoe that was covered with golden sequins and took it to the payment counter. There were gasps and cries from her friends as she made her purchase.

Later that same day, along with my wife, I met a young lady who had worn similar high heeled shoes on New Year’s Eve while watching fireworks beside the Thames in London. It transpired that she had borrowed them from a friend and that night she discovered they were a tight fit. The following morning she examined her feet and discovered her toes were black with bruises. The nail of her big toe on her right foot was exceedingly painful. Within days the nail parted from the toe.


Not learning from her experience, I understand this young lady is out celebrating her birthday tonight, and she is wearing a less extreme high heel pair of shoes believing this will be OK. I feel for her, because she is a glutton for punishment, and I wish it were not so. She has confessed that all of this masochism is for the sake of being attractive.

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Unknown said...

These are amazing!! I generally don't wear high heels on a daily basis, but I think I'd HAVE to wear these non-stop. Can't wait to wear them.

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