Saturday, February 02, 2013

Illegal Trade in Elephant Ivory

According to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, in June of last year ivory poaching was at its highest level since 1989. That was when international trade in ivory was prohibited under CITES. Levels of this illegal activity have steadily increased since 2005 according to the CITES MIKE programme. Central African Countries have seen the highest slaughter of these noble animals for financial gain through the sale of elephant tusks.
Enormous quantities of ivory have been seized, for example, in China last year 1,366 kilos were confiscated, but the damage had been done with no possibility of remedial action being taken. Effective preventative measures for eliminating the slaughter of African elephants are seemingly impossible to achieve.
Stopping these sickening and senseless killings of elephants is essential if the species is to survive, and to that end, eliminating the demand for ivory from ignorant and misguided people who live in China and Thailand is essential. Transit countries such as the Philippines and Viet Nam would no longer thrive on profiteering by middlemen.
Unless widespread education programmes can be brought about in China and Thailand, the demand for ivory will not cease.
In view of the history of ivory poaching, I have little hope that things will improve. Ignorance, greed and the pursuit of personal or collective gain will prevail. Humans are the dumbest and most senseless of all creatures.
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