Thursday, February 07, 2013

Privateer 20 and Clipper Bows

Privateer 20

Privateer 20 bow


'Cutty Sark'
I highlighted a Nantucket Clipper in Tuesday’s blog which brought some comment. Both Patrick and Max were not enamoured with her clipper bow, and on that particular vessel I’m inclined to agree. Somehow it doesn’t look right. I immediately thought of the Privateer 20, a trailer sailer which has a clipper bow, but with her I think it works. Another small sailing boat with a clipper bow is the Weekender, and again, I think she looks right.
I suppose it is a case of personal preferences - aesthetics as judged by individuals. What one likes, another may not. When it comes to functional aspects, a vessel like the Cutty Sark had a clipper bow possibly for cleaving waves when running in big seas and for providing lift. Such a bow could also have been effective when on the wind for establishing grip and to help minimize leeway.
I confess I like both the Privateer 20 and the Weekender; they are jaunty, piratical looking vessels.
Dimensions of a Privateer
LOA : 5.94m (19ft 6in)
Beam : 2.03m (6ft 8in)
Draft : 0.36m (1ft 2in)
Max : 1.37m (4ft 6in)
Privateer 20
Privateer 20 for Sale £3,700
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1975 Privateer 20 (Lifting Keel) - £3,400
Privateer 20
Cutty Sark

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