Saturday, February 16, 2013

Charlie Pitcher’s Atlantic Record Rowing Attempt


I would appear to have an obsession with following Charlie Pitcher on his rowing adventures. I have mentioned or featured him in 6 previous postings! The truth is that what he is doing is amazing, and yet he makes it all sound so commonplace. Attempting to row across the Atlantic all by oneself and at the same time pushing hard to break the record for doing it in the least amount of time, is no mean feat. He has prepared well by training for the task in hand and by appropriately equipping his boat, which is probably the most technologically advanced for such an attempt.
Now, if you are interested, you can follow him daily by visiting his website. Via his blog he speaks the truth as it happens. He tells of not being able to keep his body clean because conditions haven’t been calm enough for him to have freedom to do it, and yet he knows how important it is to look after his body. At the first opportunity, when the sea is calm enough he will give himself a body wash and have a shave.
He knows how important it is to eat well and drink sufficient fluid for maintaining his health and for providing the energy required for putting in the miles. He knows how he must maintain a rhythm and pattern, and yet be flexible by adjusting his rowing schedule to fit weather conditions. Getting sufficient sleep is important.  His mental attitude is crucial for success. Just now he compares the present voyage with his previous Atlantic row and he feels lonelier. The striped fish and the bird that keep him company are of little consolation.
Having contact with the outside world by an Iridium Satellite phone is positively helpful, because being able to talk with others reduces his sense of isolation. Charlie greatly appreciates his weather guru, Andrew Wise. So far, everything Andrew has forecast has come about. Knowing in advance what weather to expect, Charlie can make contingencies for what the future holds.
Until recently the wind has been from astern, but yesterday it backed. This is not helpful because the boat is being set to the south, and Charlie has to work at keeping on track. However, he’s chuffed, because he is ahead of his theoretical position for achieving his goal of breaking the record.
If I wasn’t a Christian I might be foolish enough ask the ancient Greek god Zeus to look upon him kindly, but the real and only true God who dwells in Heaven, knows the whole story from beginning to end.
Proverbs 5:21 ‘For the ways of man are before the eyes of the LORD, and He ponders all his paths.’
See also Acts 17:22-29
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