Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Peacocks Tearoom – Ely, and a Little Motorboat

You haven’t lived until you have sampled tea at Peacocks Tearoom beside the Great Ouse. Their website says it all.
Well, last summer wasn’t much of a summer, but on a day when the sun shone I had the pleasure of sipping Liquorice tea, number 21 from their selection of 72 variations concocted from numerous varieties and blends of tea.
Suitably refreshed, I strolled along the footpath beside the river observing vessels moored to the bank and others on the move. There were quite a few narrowboats, motor cruisers, runabouts and Dutch barges that had been converted into houseboats.
There was one little double-ender that caught my attention because of her pronounced sheer. She was a runabout with an inboard engine, and she could be hired from the Boat Yard for the sum of £20 an hour. ‘Sea Pearl’ was a simulated clinker vessel moulded in GRP, requiring little maintenance. She was large enough for four passengers and a helmsman. I assume the owner of The Boat Yard would provide lifejackets to those hiring the vessel.
Peacocks Tearoom
The Boat Yard - Ely
River Great Ouse

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