Thursday, November 18, 2010

Building ‘Sharpy’ Part 27

The panels and frames are symmetrical - very pleased with the result

Frames three, four and the transom, fixed to the panels

Inner parts of the rudder stock being epoxed together

Well, I did more on the boat than I thought would be possible today. That was in part due to a very early morning start before breakfast when I was able to epoxy frame number one to the side panels and at the same time epoxy the inner stem post to the panels.

Unexpectedly, I found time in the afternoon to epoxy the transom and frames three and four to the side panels. This evening I joined the inner parts of the rudder stock to the port side piece and epoxied the inner area of the starboard side.

The purpose of the inner parts of the rudder stock is to provide an enclosure for the rudder blade where it can articulate on a spindle. There is also a channel for the bungee that keeps the rudder down when the boat is on the water. If the blade hits an underwater object, the bungee gives, so that the rudder can absorb the shock. A cord with a loop on the end is attached to the bungee which runs over a one inch pulley at the top of the rudder stock. To lower the rudder, the crew pulls the cord and attaches the loop to a hook on the aft deck by the coaming.

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