Friday, December 05, 2014

Leisure Yachts

Leisure 17

Leisure 17SL

Bills-Log is heavily subscribed to by sailors, who in the main are men of little means. On the whole they do not own large and expensive yachts, but they are a resourceful lot who have bags of fun sailing small boats and sometimes building or repairing them. They find great satisfaction from making the most of what they have and appreciate how fortunate they are to be able to get out on the water.

By comparison there are very few women who are attracted to this hobby of impecunious and adventurous mariners who get a thrill from sailing their tiny craft. Some are more adventurous than others.

Very unusually, a lady has joined our ranks, and a big welcome she has too. She sails a ‘battered Leisure 17’ (her own words). In a recent comment to the blog she informs us that she recently took the little boat for a short sail where she lives on the Isle of Lewis. This lady’s name is Andrea Ingram and she has two entertaining and informative blogs which give insights to island life. I highly recommend viewing them.

Her mention of a Leisure 17 reminded me that I had written a couple of pages on the Leisure 17 and the Leisure 20 which I had not listed on my links page to Small Sailboats:


Andrea Ingram’s ‘Boxes & Bellows’

Andrea Ingram’s ‘Island Crofters’

Isle of Lewis

Leisure 17 and Leisure 17SL

Leisure 20 – Part 1

Leisure 20 - Part 2


Andrea Ingram said...

oooh. How kind.
Maybe you should read this post!

Unknown said...

Hello Bill, the Leisure family, particularly the 17, will always be close to my heart, having owned a 17. The only cuss mark I could really award is the galley on the companion way step, for obvious reasons. But, that aside, Id never rule out owning another. On my first sail with mine the outboard died on me coming back to the mooring, so I had to sail back on. Id already lowered and stowed the main(!)but decided that I could probably manage under the genoa. I rounded up just past the mooring, misse stays and ended up on the banks of the creek, a lee shore, but a flooding tide. I had to quic kly raise the main, shove myself off the mud, sheet in, and claw off just about as quickly as Im writing this. I was really impressed with how she came off, fortunately not in a huge press of wind, I used a telescopic deck broom to push myself off, just, so you can imagine it wasnt a terribly strong breeze.

William Serjeant said...

Well Andrea,

I can see why you describe your wee boatee as 'battered', but what a great adventure you and Eve had. A more exciting birthday celebration I can't imagine. No doubt you'll be toasting the next one with green tea too!


William Serjeant said...

Hi Richard,

Small boats always bring 'interesting' times - great moments that are never forgotten - the more dangerous they are, the more memories of them are cherished.