Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Few Boats I Like


'Johanna', an excellent example of a Matt Layden Paradox

Matt sailing his 'Elusion'

'Acrohc Australis' in Queensland Museum

Cabin top detail

My friend's photo of 'Acrohc Australis' at the end of her voyage

I have a passionate interest in sailing vessels, particularly smaller ones, the simpler the better. One of the simplest I have owned was ‘Acadia’. Originally she was not designed for sailing, but I rigged her with a small sail and a leeboard, along with a rudder. On account of not being as quick to react to situations requiring balance as I used to be when I was younger, I felt I was not up to managing the kayak, especially when under sail. Mainly for this reason I sold her to a younger and fitter man. I never heard how he got on, but I hope he had a lot of fun with the kayak.

I’m a fan of Matt Layden’s boats, particularly his Paradox. I also like his tiny ‘Elusion’, which resembles a baby sister Paradox.

When I was on holiday in Australia I visited the Queensland Museum in Brisbane. There I took photographs of Serge Testa’s ‘Acrohc Australis’, a homebuilt 11’ 10” aluminium sloop that he sailed around the world. To date she is still the smallest boat to have done so, and Serge continues to hold the record for circumnavigating the Globe in the smallest sailing vessel.

Acadia Paddling Kayak, Adapted for Sailing

UK Matt Layden Paradoxes

‘Elusion’ Matt Layden’s Micro-sailboat

‘Acrohc Australis’

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