Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Visitor to See ‘Minnow’


As a result of advertising ‘Minnow’ for sale on Ebay, a number of people have shown an interest in the possibility of buying her. A person who had previously seen her came today for a second look. He liked her, but it seems she is not a practical proposition for his particular situation, one of disability, and he has reluctantly decided not to buy her.

I was pleased he came a second time, because he could check out a few things – nothing to do with the condition or construction of the boat, but more to do with practical issues on account of his disability. He said she was one of the boats he thought may be suitable for a disabled sailor, but getting in and out of her from a dinghy would not be the easiest or safest manoeuvre, and because of his disability he discovered he could not access the fore cabin.

It was a disappointment for him, but he wisely came to the conclusion that these restrictions would force him to abandon his initial hopes of sailing and owning ‘Minnow’. That of course means she is still available for sale, not that I am making great efforts to sell her. If she has not been sold by early spring of 2015, I may find that I have a renewed desire to sail her, but if not, I shall make a concerted effort to sell her.

‘Minnow’ for Sale


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, you really gave me a bit of a scare there! I really must put more effort into raising the nessesary, as Im still seriously interested in buying 'Minnow'. Im not saying hang on if you get someone come along with cash in hand, grab it.

William Serjeant said...

Thank you Richard.

Who knows? You may become 'Minnow's' owner, but if she's not sold by early spring 2015, my comfidence and desire to be afloat may have returned, then perhaps I won't want to sell her.

We'll see.