Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mexican Holiday – 14th Day

This was our last full day at the resort. The weather was almost back to being perfect, both sunny and calm. We spent the whole morning together on the beach, and while there, in between sunning ourselves, we had a pleasant walk lasting an hour and a half. There were a good many things to look at including parasailing, jet skiing, people swimming and children building sandcastles.

Right beside the steps leading from the hotel pool to the beach there was a display of Mexican ceramics for sale. This caught the eye of my wife and one particular plate appealed to her, but it was damaged. The potter who made it said he would do another by 10.00 am the following day which was the day of our departure for home. This seemed impossible to me, because of the time needed for decorating and firing it. Undeterred by my reservations, my wife went ahead and agreed a price.

After lunch we walked to Playa del Carmen for another look at the shops. Certain items were found for folk back home. On the way to the hotel, out of nowhere a cloud appeared and we were drenched before we could make it to the door. Going through the foyer we looked like drowned rats, but it was fun, especially observing the looks people were giving us. We left trails of water across the polished floor and up the stairs to the second floor on the way to our apartment. Clouds thickened and rain continued pouring down, but our holiday was nearly over and we were thankful that mostly the weather had been kind to us.

That last evening we looked forward to meeting one particular waiter by the name of Samuel who had taken a special interest in us. He had a remarkable smile that made many people happy. Whenever he engaged with them he would smile, and inevitably they would smile back. Work for him, although hard, was always pleasurable. He served a sweet white wine for the start of our meal and placed table napkins on our laps. Each evening there was a different theme based on foods from countries around the world. On offer there were a variety of Chinese dishes, plus the usual Mexican foods, salads, fruit, cakes and ice cream.

There was more rain, so we went to our apartment and watched TV. All in all, it had been a good day.

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