Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mexican Holiday - 10th Day

In contrast to our visit to Cancun the day before, we had a day of little activity by the poolside and on the beach. My wife was into shell hunting; searching where fresh shells were being washed up on the beach between the low and high-water marks. Many of the older shells buried in the sand had become coated with deposits of limestone that had adhered to their surfaces, inside and out, causing them to have weird shapes. By searching diligently, new shells could be found with shiny surfaces, because they had not been affected by the limestone of which the whole of the Yucatan Peninsula is made.

I took a short break during the afternoon for Skyping relatives back home and for taking photos of features within the hotel that interested me. It‘s not appropriate for me to display the features photographs here at the moment, but I have uploaded some of fruit carvings and one of an ice sculpture I noticed in the restaurant that evening. New decorative fruit carvings and ice sculptures were placed on display every day to enhance the presentation of mouth-watering foods.

When we arrived back at our apartment after our evening meal, we were surprised that the chambermaid had decorated our bed with a yellow flower and two tiny silver paper weights, each with the word ‘kisses‘ on them. Such touches added to our enjoyment and the total experience.

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